Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Program at HFE

Today Justin and I went to see Aidan see in the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program. After the signing and dancing we went to lunch with him. Aidan brings his lunch and there was no way I was going to touch the cafeteria food. We did meet Aidan’s friend Sam and his Mom and Grandparents. We got to hangout in Aidan’s classroom and checkout the Book Fair. Aidan is looking forward to Thanksgiving and hanging out at the beach!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marathon Time!

We arrived around 3pm on Friday and met up with our friends Eric, Melissa and their son Ian. Ian is Aidan’s age and they were very excited to see each other.

We checked into our hotels and headed to pick up the guys bid numbers and see what free stuff we could get. The Arthur Ash center was kind of far away, like nowhere near our hotels. Luckily we were able to use the hotel shuttle to get there. Aidan and Ian got a lot of free stuff! T-shirts, hand clappers, pompoms, stickers, tattoos, cups and much more. The guys were very happy with their race shirts (cause really that is how you judge a good race) and we headed out to find pasta fordinner.

Justin was up at 6:15am on Saturday and out the door by 7:20am. Aidan and I met up with Melissa and Ian after a nice breakfast at the hotel. The walk to the finish line was nice; the weather was not only perfect for the runner’s but us spectators as well. We were able to get right up by the finish line and Justin saw us as we cheered him on to the finish line.

After the race we went to a pub where the guys ate, drank some beers and talked about the race. Later after showers, naps and football watching we all met up again for beer and pizza. Our flight home on Sunday went off without any problems. We are happy to be back!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Cards!

Christmas card season is knocking at our door and it looks as though Shutterfly has some competition. I am now looking at two more places that offer photo Christmas cards.

I really like the designs on both websites and am sure it will be hard to pick the perfect one. They each offer recycled paper, free shipping and up to 20% off (right now). However, the first thing I will have to do is take the picture! As my family and closed friends know, the picture will be of the boy. Maybe I will take the perfect photo this weekend while we are in Richmond.

We are flying out on Friday. That is all I know. Justin is in charge off all tickets and hotel. The race is on Saturday, so think of Justin running and Aidan and I walking around cheering and looking for free stuff.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Chair

So I went to IKEA today to get some stuff for the office and I thought I would get Aidan his own office chair. He was so excited when I showed it to him. He likes to move it up and down and spin around.

We're Back!

Team Hamer is Back!

As some of you know, I just got a new super cool iMac and have been inspired to get back to blogging. I am going to try to up date it at least once a week, so that you all know what we are up to. And when I say "we", I mainly mean Aidan. Justin and I are really just his back up band!

What's New?

Well, like I said, I just got a new computer. In October, I went to St. Simons Island and photographed a wedding. I will post a few pictures once I get Photoshop! (it is in the mail) Justin is running a marathon this weekend in Richmond, Va. Go Justin! Aidan is in kindergarten and trying to get "green" everyday. Tomorrow he will go on his first school field trip.

Since I got a new computer, I have kinda given Aidan my old laptop. I will say, he is not the best office mate, plays his music to loud and always wants to print something.