Monday, November 8, 2010

We're Back!

Team Hamer is Back!

As some of you know, I just got a new super cool iMac and have been inspired to get back to blogging. I am going to try to up date it at least once a week, so that you all know what we are up to. And when I say "we", I mainly mean Aidan. Justin and I are really just his back up band!

What's New?

Well, like I said, I just got a new computer. In October, I went to St. Simons Island and photographed a wedding. I will post a few pictures once I get Photoshop! (it is in the mail) Justin is running a marathon this weekend in Richmond, Va. Go Justin! Aidan is in kindergarten and trying to get "green" everyday. Tomorrow he will go on his first school field trip.

Since I got a new computer, I have kinda given Aidan my old laptop. I will say, he is not the best office mate, plays his music to loud and always wants to print something.


  1. Loud music, my kind of guy. You rock Aidan.

  2. Aidan did your blogger mean loud or load?

  3. You go Aidan! If its not loud, its not real!! Love this picture...makes me wonder what YouTube vid you are watching...sure looks funny :)